Roger Rigorth (Germany)

»White Wind«





Dancing on jade.

The impression of the Lushan lakes made me think of a floating piece. Playing with the elements: the water, the wind, the light and the fog it was the starting point of developing two wings for a lake. Bamboo, a local material as a framework together with cloth became the main materials. By trying to find a simple form the bamboo offered a dragonfly wing shaped object. To integrate movement was the task when I continued working with a floating body from styrofoam and a balancing weight made of natural boulders. So the art work is discovering the beauty of the natural elements and their playful coexistence. The white materials reflect the sunlight and the cloth turns into a transparent screen and gives the piece an enlightened appearance. Both floating objects almost became characters dancing on the surface of the water. In fact its green water, just like a piece of jade.