Elena Redaelli (Italy)

»Intoxicated by Nature, I embrace everything«





Trace of thoughts, a dialogue of white damp between earth and sky.

My project arises from my desire to approach the shapes of nature through my art. It is meant to give the impression that a big and mysterious insect has built it in a definite area.

My creative action is in harmony with the surrounding space and is anchored to the natural elements. It modifies the aspect of the nature. The visitors will be transported to an environment suspended beyond time where they will make contact with their own roots and embrace their own origin. My aim is to absorb the viewer on both an emotional and a poetic level, by merging the inanimate and the living.

Concerning the material of my artwork it is entirely constructed with recycled nautical cordage, which is extremely resistant and suitable to be positioned in external spaces. The material is provided by the company Gottifredi Maffioli of Novara, Italy.

I created most of the work on my artisanal looms in Italy. Now I’m adapting every single part to the space by combining it with the other parts directly on the site.

The title is taken from: “Desiderio di natura” by Enrico Accatino, “E’domani, diario poetico 1940-1980”, Angelus Novus edizioni 1995