Gareth Colliton (Australia)

»Geopark Kanawinka and Art Concepts«

Peter Fischer, Forester/Forest Pedagogy (Germany)

»Sustainability in the Forest - An Art«

Jeon Won-Gil, Curator (South Korea)

»Yatoo Nature Movement & Geumgang Nature Art Biennale«

Jens J. Meyer, Artist (Germany)

»The White Temple for Mount Lushan and Magic Works of Art«

Ping Qiu, Artist (China/Germany)

»Mushroom Tree, Spider, Webs and Water Research«

Roger Rigorth, Artist (Swiss)

»The Chinese Vase and Artistic Works in Landscape«

Ute Ritschel, Curator (Germany)

»Poetic Art Works in Forest and Nature«

Cassian Schmidt, Botanist (Germany)

»The History of Magic Landscapes«

Jutta Weber, Geologist (Germany)

»Magic Landscape and Forest Art in the Global Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald«