Katharina Sommer (Germany)

»Wild people«




Where do the wild people of the mountain come from, where do they go? The wild people of the mountain emerge in the misty woods. They remind us of moments when we see all kinds of figures and creatures in nature while walking through dawn or having the magic view of a child. Although we are nature, we feel sometimes nature is something outside of ourselves, alienated we search for contact and fear it.

With the wild people of the mountain I want to refer to our common energy and our affiliation, our connaturality with nature. It is an adult way of playing old games of constructing and making objects alive. Like the human being at the border to consciousness, the first figures they made where just stones they found who had a special attraction to them.

The wild people are nature, they show the inside of the surrounding cedar trees. They have the shape of humans, but nevertheless they are not. They are somewhat in between - in our imagination, our projections, our emotions related to spirits of nature.

This point of contact allows us to sit on a fence between rationality and the space and time of magical, mystical or spiritual meanings.