Moritz Dornauf (Germany)

Ā»Tai - InterchangeĀ«




Between heaven and earth there is the fire of life.

A three dimensional poetic vision

Mount Lushan was always an important cultural centre.

Our art is part of a new cultural exchange between China and the world.

I teach in Germany since thirty years tajiquan, bagauchan and qi gong. Chinese culture is a very important part of my life and I am really happy to bring some of my art now to China.

The word Tai or Interchange was taken from the I Ging and it is a very positive sign, because the power of the Yang is under the power of the Yin. So, the power of the Yang will rise and go into the Yin and the power of the Yin will sink into the Yang and they will pervade each other.

I build a shrine. The house gives safety. You also could see a church with a tower on one side. The tower is a picture. This picture looks like blood or fire. The blood is floating upward, back to the heart, that symbolizes life. There is also a warning that it can take the opposite direction.

The picture is like a curtain and you can look through it, so the emptiness will come from the heaven and sink down to the earth. The importance of emptiness is a speciality of eastern philosophy.

You can walk in the shrine, you have a way. The way means time, past, presence and future. In the meditation of the buddhist and the daoist you have a fourth time or a vertical time, where you will feel past, presence and future as one.

When you go into the shrine you will leave the ground, you are between heaven and earth. Perhaps you can imagine all this things, or you will have complete new experiences, everything that inspires your mind and your imagination will develop your own creativity and it will make your world wider.