Peter Fischer, Forester/Forest Pedagogy (Germany)

»Sustainability in the Forest - An Art«

Poetic forest. Can an experienced and older forester, who is responsible for the cutting of trees for his whole life, think in categories like poetry? Where can this be found, when he walks to his working place in the early morning? What is the connection between poetry and sustainability, if there is any?

Please listen to the brief description of a journey through some centuries in the forest, where the forest art path was founded eight years ago.


Peter Fischer, born in 1956

Forster since 1977. He started his working live as a teacher in a school where forest workers have been educated.

Since 1987 living in Darmstadt, as the forester of a mountain district.

Founding member of International Forest Art Association in 2002.

Since 2005 he is in charge of the forest pedagogy in the hometown of forest art.