Jeon Won-Gil, Curator (South Korea)

┬╗Yatoo Nature Movement & Geumgang Nature Art Biennale┬ź

Jeon Wongil will speak about Yatoo Nature Art movement which began in 1981 by Korean Young artists in Gongju in the middle part of South Korea. Yatoo developed their own way working with nature and showing together Nature itself and Artistic intention by the human being in 1980th.

Wongil also will explain how Yatoo developed Geumgang Nature Art Biennale which started as International Nature Art Exhibition from 1991. He will introduce this year 4th biennale opened at 16th September with artworks images.


born 1960

Since he started a life as an artist in 1983, Wongil Jeon has been continuing to work inside nature to untangle nature's order by painting and drawing method on the basis of formative imagination within himself and body's sense and natural art to work along nature.

Since after studying fine arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design of University of the Arts London in 1999, he has been pursuing a frequent effect between indoor and outdoor artwork.  He has been expressing various connections with nature in various methods and currently is expressing the reminiscence of timely and conceptual touch with nature that he meets in his studio at secluded garden in Ansung through installation and pictures.

His artworks are owned by places such as National Museum of Contemporary Art(artbank), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, LIG Ingenium in Suwon. etc.

Wongil Jeon has been teaching at the college of art as not only an artist but also as an exhibition planner as well as an art theorist and currently, he is acting as a representative of an alternative art space Sonahmoo as well as a curator of 2010 Guemgang Nature Art Biennale.