Jens J. Meyer (Germany)

»Temple of Light«






The temple of light will be a walk-in installation, building an inside space, extending across the forest art path itself. People walking on the path will find themselves inside the temple of light and can stop to contemplate and internalize nature. The white cloth features a contrast with the darker surrounding and it is reflecting the play of light and shadow, combined with the silence or sounds of the forest and the waterfall.


Jens J. Meyer, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1958. Parallel to studying economic engineering I started 1985 with studies in painting and sculpture. Since 1989, I live as an freelance artist in Essen and Hamburg.

In search of a material suitable to make forces and spaces visible, I discovered elastic fabric as a favorite working material in 1992. I am very interested in the relation between art, nature and architecture. My work starts with researching the ‚genius loci’ of a site and ideas about the possibilities of changing its perception. Then the site itself becomes part of my work, becomes moldable and with the change of light and shadow the installation can open the dialog with its surroundings.

Since 1987, I have done individual and collective shows in Galleries, Museums and public spaces. There are works in the permanent collection of the Museum Gelsenkirchen. I obtained different awards and grants in Germany, e.g. 1st prize for landmark-art in Hamm, and was invited to show in several countries like Indonesia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Tunesia, Argentina and the 8th Biennial de la Havanna, Cuba. Since 2006 in the US, Croatia, Canada (CAFKA Biennial Exhibition Kitchener) and in the Museo Palazzo di Moceno in Venice, Italy