Artists 2010

Ute Ritschel, Jens J. Meyer, Barbara Beisinghoff, Roger Rigorth, Pinq Qui, Waltraud Munz, Peter Fischer, Walter van Broekhuizen, Joachim Kuhlmann



Barbara Beisinghoff (Germany)

»Canopy for Li Bai« The perforated roof above a bridge refers to the galaxy of stars of Li Bai´s poem »Overlook at Lushan Fall« (Material: copper, brass) and »Water and Sky« Poems made of paper attached to Mount Lushan bamboo (at Lushan Conference Center).


Bonggi Park (Korea)

»Breath - Harmony in the Nature« - A structure like a water drop, a budding flower or a birds nest evokes moments of poetic emotion. (Material: bamboo)


Alec Finlay (Scotland)

with Brian Holton, Gerry Loose, Andrew Schelling -
»Lushan–Schiehallion–Hiyori-yama-Arapaho Peaks: an endless word-map composed of four mountain skylines« (Material: digital print)

Alec Finlay (Scotland) - »World Wide Letterbox No. 83« and »World Wide Letterbox No. 84« The letterbox contains a circle poem stamp. Please print and carry a poem back home. (Material: wood, stamp and ink)


Joachim Kuhlmann (Germany)

»Ancient Message« - A tree and a stone symbolizing the development of natural consciousness. (Material: wood and color)


Jens J. Meyer (Germany)

»Temple of Light« - The textile installation creates a walk-in-space to contemplate and internalize nature. (material: cotton cloth and rope)


Moon Byoung-tak (Korea)

»Patron saint - The spirit of the forest« - A spirit, in the image of an animal, is breeding plants to carry them away from the forest. (Material: wood, plants, wire)


Waltraud Munz (Germany)

»Areas of Happiness« - Tree mushrooms representing landscapes and the hidden growth of nature. (Material: steel and laquer paint)


Ping Qiu (China/Swiss)

»Mushroom Bench - Roots are branches?« - The mushroom bench changes our sense of dimension in nature. Are the roots branches now? (material: bamboo)


Roger Rigorth (Swiss)

»Tree Vase« - The poetic image of a Chinese vase holds a tree like a beautiful flower. (Material: bamboo and grass rope)


Walter van Broekhuizen (Holland)

»Villa Walden« - The model of poet Henry D. Thoreaus house becomes a symbol of conscious living in nature. (Material: concrete)


Xia Mei Sheng (China / Mount Lushan)

»Winter on Mount Lushan« - »Feel like no road could be found in the earth, but winding ways could be reached far into the cloud in the mountain« From Chao Buzhi (A.D.1153-1110 of Song Dynasty) »Ascend on Mt.Lushan« (material: digital print)